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If you believe in yourself, have dedication and pride and never quit, you'll be a winner. The price of victory is high, but so are the rewards.

- Paul "Bear" Bryant


Britannia Athletics


Britannia Teams, Schedules, and Results

Please click here to open an external website that provides information about all Britannia sports teams, including their schedules and results.

Parental Consent and Student Committment Form and Fee

Student-athletes must hand in a signed Parental Consent and Student Commitment Form to their coach. This form is to be submitted along with the $30 athletic fee for each team they are a member of. The form and fee is due prior to the start of any given season. Students may only play on ONE team per season unless they participate on a team that is unsanctioned. Please see Ms. Tatomir if you have any questions.

Britannia's Official Basketball Website

At Britannia's Basketball Website you will find the latest updates on all of our girls and boys teams including rosters, schedules, and results.

Britannia Sports By Season

fall sports

Cross Country
Bantam Boys Rugby
Juvenile Boys Rugby
Bantam Boys Soccer
Juvenile Boys Soccer
Junior Boys Soccer
Senior Boys Soccer
Bantam Girls Volleyball
Juvenile Girls Volleyball
Junior Girls Volleyball
Senior Girls Volleyball
Junior Boys Volleyball
Senior Boys Volleyball

winter sports

Bantam Girls Basketball
Juvenile Girls Basketball
Junior Girls Basketball
Senior Girls Basketball
Bantam Boys Basketball
Juvenile Boys Basketball
Junior Boys Basketball
Senior Boys Basketball
Table Tennis

spring sports

Bantam Girls Soccer
Juvenile Girls Soccer
Junior Girls Soccer
Senior Girls Soccer
Junior Tennis
Senior Tennis
Junior Ultimate
Senior Ultimate
Track and Field
Bantam Boys Volleyball
Juvenile Boys Volleyball
Junior Boys Rugby
Senior Boys Rugby
Bantam Badminton
Junior Badminton
Senior Badminton