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Accounting & Personal Finance Courses

jugglerIf you are interested in any facet of the business world, accounting is a MUST!  Accounting is the language of business and will follow you wherever you go.  In fact, accounting is an excellent career choice that can eventually pay you a salary in the 6-digit range!

You may also chose to participate in the Career Preparation Accounting Program, where you will gain 90 hours of work experience in workplaces such as banks (eg. Royal Bank, HSBC, CIBC, BMO, etc.) and accounting firms (eg. Ernst & Young).

According to the 2022 BC Labour Market Outlook, accounting jobs represent two of the top ten in-demand occupations that require training. What are you waiting for? Take an Accounting course!

Accounting 11 (MAC--11)
Prerequisite: None

accountantThis valuable business course will provide you with information and practical bookkeeping experience that will help you understand and work within a business environment.  You will:

  1. Be introduced to fundamental accounting concepts.
  2. Learn the accounting cycle and how it is used in business.
  3. Be given the opportunity to work in banks, such as RBC, CIBC, BMO and accounting firms such as Ernst & Young.
  4. Learn about the CPA designation and listen to a guest speaker.

Accounting 12 (MACC--12)
Prerequisite: Accounting 11

quickbooksThis is a second-year accounting course with a focus on computerized accounting.  In this course, you will:

  1. Explore special journal systems and be introduced to payroll accounting.
  2. Be introduced to QuickBooks, a very popular business financial software program used today. 
  3. Learn how to complete individual tax returns using the popular tax software program, TurboTax.
  4. Learn how to use Microsoft Excel to solve various business-related problems.

If you are planning on enrolling in a Business or Commerce program after high school, you are strongly encouraged to take this course as it will provide you with the necessary computerized accounting skills you will need at the post-secondary level.

Financial Accounting 12 (MFA--12)
Prerequisite: Accounting 12

If you wish to pursue post-secondary studies in accounting, finance, business management, or commerce, this course is for you!  You will:

  1. Further learn about payroll accounting and be inroduced to cash control and financial analysis.
  2. Develop further skills in the use of QuickBooks and Microsoft Excel.

This course is intended for mature, responsible students who are able to work independently.

Money Management 12 (YBMO-2B)
Prerequisite: None

moneyIn this course, you will begin your journey into making your first million dollars. Get advice on how to properly manage your money as you start building your financial portfolio. A wide variety of saving and investment strategies, tips and principles will be covered in this course

Topics include:

This course will give you an in-depth look at how money is used in our economy and will better prepare you for a prosperous future. Students will participate in Junior Achievement's Investment Strategies program where they will learn how to invest in the stock market. In addition, an investment advisor will guest speak on a monthly basis to help students build their financial portfolio.