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Business Computing Courses

web designBeing proficient in using the computer is a necessity in today's world. Britannia's Business Education department offers many courses you can take to improve your computer skills. You can learn how to keyboard, edit digital photos, develop office skills, and create a yearbook.

According to the 2022 BC Labour Market Outlook, jobs that involve computer skills, such as using Microsoft Office, represent three of the top ten in-demand occupations that require training. What are you waiting for? Take a Business Computing course!

Computer Fundamentals 11 (YBMO-1C)
Prerequisite: None

Do you still look at your fingers when you type? Are you frustrated because your friends can polish off a Socials or English paper in a quarter of the time it takes you? Do you have trouble formatting your documents? Do you want to learn more about the Internet and computer technology? If you answered "Yes" to any of these questions, this course is for you!

Students will:

Business Computer Applications 11 (YBMO-1ABCA)
Prerequisite: None

keyboardThe most popular software in today’s business world is Microsoft Office.  Although many students have been introduced to this software, very few are proficient in its use.  In this course, you will learn how to use Word, Excel, Access and PowerPoint in a way that will help you in your high school, post-secondary education, and career pursuits.

Students will:

  1. Create letters, memos, Web pages, newsletters and more in Microsoft Word
  2. Use Microsoft Excel to organize and calculate data, track financial data, and create charts and graphs
  3. Create dynamic on-screen presentations with PowerPoint, the presentation graphics tool
  4. Store, retrieve, and report on information using Microsoft’s database tool, Access.

In addition, students will develop their keyboarding skills using Keyboarding Online where they will eliminate any bad habits such as hunting and pecking and instead potentially become expert typists in the 80 - 100 wpm range!

If you’re planning on working in an office in the future, whether it be as a secretary or an executive, or if you would like to develop your computer skills to help you with your coursework in high school and college, this course will be of great benefit to you.

Yearbook 11 (YCCT-1C)
Prerequisite: None

yearbookThe goal of this course is to produce the school’s Annual Yearbook.  The yearbook will be produced on computers.  In this course, students will:

  1. Become familiar with a variety of computer publishing programs.
  2. Learn elements of graphic design.
  3. Acquire skills in photography, page layout, presentation, etc.
  4. Improve their written and oral communication skills.
  5. Practice their organizational and leadership skills as they plan and carry out the various activities associated with producing a yearbook.

Editors and section heads will form the core of leaders who, in turn, will work with large number of other students outside class time in order to complete the yearbook on time and on budget.

This course is designed for students who are self starters and who are independent and responsible workers.  Students who take this course will acquire skills which will be invaluable for entering the workforce or going on to post-secondary education.  The course meets both the Fine Arts and Applied Skills requirement.

Yearbook 12 (YCCT-2C)
Prerequisite: Yearbook 11

This second-year Yearbook course furthers the design and leadership skills that are necessary to produce an excellent yearbook.