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Marketing & Economics Courses

cash registerOne of your first jobs will likely be in the field of retailing. Gain an employment advantage over others by taking Marketing courses. Like accounting, marketing is an excellent career choice that can eventually pay you a salary in the 6-digit range!

You can also chose to participate in the popular Career Preparation Marketing Program, where you will gain 90 hours of work experience in dynamic stores such as Aritzia, Old Navy, SportChek, Roots, Off The Wall, Gap, Esprit, American Eagle Outfitters, etc.

According to the 2022 BC Labour Market Outlook, jobs that involve retail selling represent the most in-demand occupation that requires training. What are you waiting for? Take a Marketing course!

Marketing 11 (MMK--11)
Prerequisite: None

This valuable business course will introduce you to retailing and show you what it takes to run a successful store.  In this course, you will:

Marketing 12 (MMK--12)
Prerequisite: Marketing 11

salesThis exciting course introduces you to the 4 P's of marketing - product, pricing, place, and promotion.  In this course, you will:

  1. Operate and manage a virtual sports and entertainment venue that lets you handle ticket pricing, stadium operations, staffing, and more.
  2. Open a virtual restaurant and control menu design, staffing, equipment purchases, restaurant layout, purchasing, marketing, inventory control, and more.
  3. Be given the opportunity to manage Vancouver’s best school store, The Cave.
  4. Compete in Junior Achievement's Titan program where you are CEO of your own company.

Business Administrative Assistant 12 (YBMO-2ABAA)
Prerequisite: Marketing 12

Students in this course will assist the instructor in the day-to-day operations of The Cave, Britannia’s school store.  Activities include training employees, maintaining stock, visual display, record keeping, making the daily deposit, and ensuring that the store is “business-ready” for store opening.

Students must have experience managing in the school store, and they must be responsible, mature, and be able to take tasks from start to finish with little supervision.

Economics 12 (MEC--12)
Prerequisite: None

What qualities should I possess in order to succeed in business? How important are personal financial skills to my economic well-being? Is our system of taxation fair? What are the pros and cons of labour unions? Why do Canadians identify unemployment as their most important concern? How concerned should I be about the deficit? The topics of this course contribute to an understanding of economics as it impacts upon individuals, businesses and governments. In addition to the acquisition of economic concepts and vocabulary, the development of communication skills, research skills, problem solving skills and decision making skills will be emphasized.

Entrepreneurship & E-Commerce 12 (MENT-12)
Prerequisite: None

skillsOwning your own business can be one of the most rewarding ventures you can become involved in.  On the other hand, it can cause you sleepless nights and a lot of stress.  Experience the risks and rewards of entrepreneurship by taking this course!  You will:

  1. Assume the role of a general manager at a virtual bicycle and jeans factory and manage a small facility.
  2. Learn about E-Commerce, a necessity if one is to survive in today’s hectic business world.

This course will be of great benefit to those students who are interested in starting their own business one day, along with students who would like to learn about online retailing.