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After graduation from high school or college, most students will eventually have business related employment. Some of the benefits of enrolling in business courses in high school are:

  • Students graduating with business backgrounds will be better prepared as post-secondary business majors.
  • Students are better prepared for small business ownership or for a career in marketing.
  • Students develop both job skills and knowledge for higher-paying employment upon graduation. money
  • Students are trained in the use of technology.
  • Students are better prepared for personal management of finances.
  • Students who graduate with a business degree earn more over their working lives than those with non-business degrees.

Britannia's Business Education Department offers courses that will help you understand the importance of accounting in today's business; how computers and the Internet are used by modern businesses to solve everyday problems; and how businesses use marketing concepts and practices to increase their success in the marketplace. By taking Business Education courses, you will develop job skills which can be used immediately and in the future.

In addition, Britannia offers Career Preparation programs in Accounting and Marketing, where students can gain 90 hours of practical work experience. This program can open doors to employment and post-secondary education. Students may also gain practical experience by working at The Cave, Britannia's school store and creating the school yearbook.

In addition, Britannia's Business Education department provides many enrichment opportunities for students to challenge themselves, including: