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Business Education Scholarships

Britannia Business Education Scholarships are awarded to outstanding Grade 12 Business Education students at the School Leaving Ceremony in June. The purpose of Britannia Business Education Scholarships is to recognize those students who:

  1. Have demonstrated an interest in business at Britannia
  2. Have excelled in the Business program at Britannia
  3. Are planning to pursue post-secondary studies in business

Britannia Business Education Scholarships

Britannia Business Education scholarships are awarded to those Business Education Career Preparation students who best satisfy the following criteria:

Dogwood District/Authority Awards

gradDogwood District/Authority Awards will be given to Business Education students who excel in their Business courses. Students who plan to apply for this award should take a minimum of six Business Grade 11 or 12 courses (including Accounting 11, Accounting 12, Marketing 11, and Marketing 12), complete one of the Career Preparation programs offered in Business, and demonstrate outstanding participation, initiative and leadership in enrichment opportunities such as the Britannia Business Club, Enactus, and the BCIT Case Study Challenge.