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Aboriginal Education

Welcome back for the 2017/2018 school year! Our Aboriginal Education team is here to support all students in their learning. Our team offers:



Tori Johnson Ayi-Bonte
Aboriginal Education Enhancement Worker
Tel: 604-713-8266

My name is Tori Johnson Ayi-Bonte. I am Saulteaux and Annishnabe from Fishing Lake First Nation in Saskatchewan and have been a guest on the Coast Salish Territories for over 25 years. I have been with the VSB for a number of years and with the Aboriginal Education Department for over 10 years.

My role is to enhance the educational experience for all students and families by supporting a learning environment that allows students to feel safe, respected, have a positive sense of belonging and able to achieve academic success.

I have a passion for supporting students in becoming the best versions of themselves and ultimately accomplishing their goals.


Kyle Ross
Aboriginal Education Enhancement Teacher
Tel: 604-862-3706

My name is Kyle Ross and I am the Aboriginal Education Enhancement Teacher.  My primary role at the school is to provide support to students in their classes, follow up with teachers to help develop strategies for students with challenges, as well as follow up with students and their homework.

I’m proud to support our students in all areas of the curriculum. I’ve taught Math, English, Science and Social Studies at a variety of levels, and have many resources to help students with challenging subjects.

My role also helps bring aboriginal teachings into the all parts of the school experience through speakers, lessons, games and events.

Feel free to contact me with any questions about what’s going on in the class, and I am happy to help network with teachers to make sure all of our students are successful.