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About the BHA

The Britannia Hockey Academy (BHA) is Vancouver’s first sport specific academy. The BHA blends regular secondary school coursework and graduation programs with a licensed Hockey Canada Skills Academy (HCSA). Britannia Secondary School is the perfect location for a HCSA program. Britannia has an ice arena on site!

In the BHA, students will receive credit for their grade level P.E. (4 credits) along with credit for hockey specific training (Principles of Hockey 8-12, 4 credits) at each grade level. Students in grades 11 and 12 will also have access to the Board authorized course “Coaching Team Sports 11” (4 credits).

The BHA academy instructors are professional Vancouver School Board (VSB) physical education teachers who are trained and certified by Hockey Canada. In addition, a number of certified guest instructors and instructor’s assistants will also be directly involved in the development of BHA participants.

Because the ice arena is only steps away, BHA participants have a greater degree of flexibility in their timetabling. Britannia Secondary School and the BHA are committed to accommodating individual student needs. BHA participants will be afforded access to marquee Britannia programs such as “Venture” and “IB”. In addition, the Hastings Education Center (HEC) is also on the Britannia site. The partnership between Britannia and the HEC allows a tremendous amount of adaptability in student programming and timetabling.

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