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Education...is painful, continual and difficult work to be done in kindness, by watching, by warning,...  by praise, but above all -- by example.

- John Ruskin

Support Staff Contact Information

Cameron, Nancy School & Student Support ncameron@vsb.bc.ca
Chacon, Ana Maria School & Student Support achacon@vsb.bc.ca
Chana, Bindhu School and Student Support – LA/LS Program bchana@vsb.bc.ca
Charlton, Heather Prevention Specialist  - SACY Leadership & Resiliency Program heather.charlton@vch.ca
Christon-Quao, Angela Student Support aquao@vsb.bc.ca
De Santo, Lina Food Service Worker, Cafeteria ldesanto@vsb.bc.ca
De Sousa, Erin Programmer – Community Education edesousa@vsb.bc.ca
Flores De Puente, Valia Multicultural Liaison Worker vfloresdepuente@vsb.bc.ca
Holmes, Elizabeth Administrative Assistant eholmes@vsb.bc.ca
Howey, Gord Youth & Family Worker - Streetfront ghowey@vsb.bc.ca
Hunter, Julie Youth & Family Worker - Community Links jchunter@vsb.bc.ca
Johnston, Chris School & Student Support - Pacific Storm cjohnston@vsb.bc.ca
Johnson, Tori Ayi-Bonte Indigenous Education Enhancement Worker tjohnsonayibonte@vsb.bc.ca
Kannemeyer, Cassidy School & Student Support ckannemeyer@vsb.bc.ca
Lai, Tom Vietnamese Multicultural Liaison Worker tlai@vsb.bc.ca
Lee, Kevyn School and Student Support – LA/LS Program kmlee@vsb.bc.ca
Lloyd, Mike School &  Student Support - Pacific Storm  mlloyd@vsb.bc.ca
Longoria, Normalu School and Student Support – LA/LS Program nlongoria@vsb.bc.ca
McIntyre, Philippa Culinary Assistant, Cafeteria pmcintyre@vsb.bc.ca
McLeod, Asha Youth & Family Worker – Outreach amcleod@vsb.bc.ca
Morrison, Allen School & Student Support amorrison@vsb.bc.ca
Paterson, Danine Cafeteria Teacher’s Aide 1, Cafeteria dpaterson@vsb.bc.ca
Penner, Matthew School and Student Support – Grade 13 Program mlpenner@vsb.bc.ca
Petterson, Tanya Accountant - Office tpetterson@vsb.bc.ca
Rae, Michele Office Support - Administration mrae@vsb.bc.ca
Scott, Ron Coordinator, Community Education rjscott@vsb.bc.ca
Skillin, Barry School & Student Support - Streetfront bskillin@vsb.bc.ca
Tefenkjian, Sylvie School and Student Support – Grade 13 Program stefenkjian@vsb.bc
Tshan, Mitra Office Support - Community Education mtshan@vsb.bc.ca
Vogt, Libby Records Clerk - Office lvogt@vsb.bc.ca
Wong, Mark School & Student Support  LA/LS Program mjwong@vsb.bc.ca
Woods, Karen Youth & Family Worker - Outreach kwoods@vsb.bc.ca
Yu, Zita Chinese Multicultural Liaison Worker zyu@vsb.bc.ca
Zhou, Johnson Culinary Assistant, Cafeteria jjzhou@vsb.bc.ca