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Education...is painful, continual and difficult work to be done in kindness, by watching, by warning,...  by praise, but above all -- by example.

- John Ruskin

Teaching Staff Contact Information

Adamson, Nick nadamson@vsb.bc.ca
Aubichon, Franklin faubichon@vsb.bc.ca
Babajee, Vanesha vbabajee@vsb.bc.ca
Borason, Michael mborason@vsb.bc.ca
Boulet, Ariel aboulet@vsb.bc.ca
BritHockey brithockey@vsb.bc.ca
Carelse, Esther ecarelse@vsb.bc.ca
Chenoweth, Matt mchenoweth@vsb.bc.ca
Chong, Vivian vochong@vsb.bc.ca
Despotakis, Nick ndespotakis@vsb.bc.ca
Dempster, Kyle kdempster@vsb.bc.ca
Evans, Rosemary reevans@vsb.bc.ca
Fung, Katherine kfung@vsb.bc.ca
Ganatra, Cynthia cganatra@vsb.bc.ca
Garcia-Gravel, Nekita ngarciagravel@vsb.bc.ca
Govorchin, Danica dgovorchin@vsb.bc.ca
Green, Bryan bgreen@vsb.bc.ca
Hardwick, Troy thardwick@vsb.bc.ca
Horng, Stella shorng@vsb.bc.ca
James, Sarah sljames@vsb.bc.ca
Kenny, Erin ekenny@vsb.bc.ca
Lavallee, Spirit slavallee@vsb.bc.ca
Le, Linh lle@vsb.bc.ca
Leary, Kimberley ksleary@vsb.bc.ca
Less, Shannon sless@vsb.bc.ca
Lin-Metford, Tina tlin@vsb.bc.ca
Lipsky, Adam alipsky@vsb.bc.ca
MacInnes, Alec amacinnes@vsb.bc.ca
MacLean, Jim jmaclean@vsb.bc.ca
MacLeod, Ashley amacleod@vsb.bc.ca
MacMillan, Catherine cmacmillan@vsb.bc.ca
Mackie, Deborah dmackie@vsb.bc.ca
McDonald, Cari cmcdonald@vsb.bc.ca
McDonald, Maya mmcdonald@vsb.bc.ca
Ng, Sarah sdng@vsb.bc.ca
Ng, Yulanda yng@vsb.bc.ca
Nobbs-Thiessen, Kathy-Ann knthiessen@vsb.bc.ca
Or, Kim kor@vsb.bc.ca
Ross, Kyle kross@vsb.bc.ca
Sangster, Brendan bsangster@vsb.bc.ca
Scorda, Sam sscorda@vsb.bc.ca
Shaler, Christabel csshaler@vsb.bc.ca
Sherman, Grace ggsherman@vsb.bc.ca
Simonson, Kaitlee ksimonson@vsb.bc.ca
Smith, James jcsmith@vsb.bc.ca
Spring, Colleen cspring@vsb.bc.ca
Stokes, Trevor tstokes@vsb.bc.ca
Tanabe, Rod rtanabe@vsb.bc.ca
Tatomir, Ksena ktatomir@vsb.bc.ca
Wai, Natalie nwai@vsb.bc.ca
Willetts, Kailey kwilletts@vsb.bc.ca
Wiskar, Mike mwiskar@vsb.bc.ca