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The Internet is becoming the town square for the global village of tomorrow. 

- Bill Gates

General Links

Vancouver School Board (VSB)

The Ministry of Education website contains education and career program information for students, parents and educational professionals.

The Education Planner website provides students with information on post-secondary options in B.C. Students are also able to plan a career and use the information available to make informed decisions about post-secondary institutions.

LearnNow BC's free, online tutoring is now available to any British Columbia student who has a valid Personal Education Number and is enrolled in Essentials of Math 10, Principals of Math 10, Science 10, Social Studies 11, Biology 12, Geography 12, Geology 12, History 12, Physics 12, Principles of Math 12.

Parent Links

There is no question that parental involvement in their children's education is tremendously important to the success of their students.  The following websites are recommended for parents:

Parents Advisory Council
The PAC section on the Britannia website.

A comprehensive site with  tools, advice and information about how parents can support their children's education.

Parent's help line information.

School Age Children and Youth - Substance Use Prevention Initiative (SACY) engages Vancouver parents, teachers, students, administrators and the greater community in a process to strengthen school-based alcohol and drug prevention and early-intervention programs and policies.

Staff Pages

International Reading Association (IRA), a network of people and organizations focused on aspects of literacy. Multitude of resources on reading and writing instruction and comprehension.

National Council for Teachers of English (NCTE), an association for  English and the language arts teachers, but with many resources that can be used by all teachers and families.

National Staff Development Council (NSDC), an association for teachers and administrators supporting professional growth.

National High School Center, a US based center for Secondary School improvement. Useful tools for investigating and prioritizing school improvement tasks.

Coalition of Essential Schools (CES), an approach to school reform initiated by Ted Sizer. Various aspects of school organization and culture explored.

Comer schools/School Development Program (SDP), an approach to school reform implementing ideas of James Comer, implemented initially in Harlem and later in schools around the world. Draws child and adolescent psychiatry into school improvement process.

Himanchal Education Foundation, an amazing site about an amazing program in Nangi Village, Nepal. A remarkable approach to school and community integration and development.

Teen Health

The following are some of the health links that our school nurse and our drug and alcohol counsellor strongly recommend:xray

Health Canada

Tobacco quitting tips and much more

Dietary information

Child & youth advocacy

BC Health Guide and Nurse Line

Urban Native Youth Association resources, programs, and youth initiatives to support First Nations youth.

24 hour help line information and a good resource list including B.C. Council for Families (eg. communication skills, questionnaires, etc.)