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This section contains links to sites or PDF documents that are necessary to the success of a candidate in the IB Program. New links or documents are added as they are found, so be sure to check back to Student Support on a regular basis.

Extended Essay Timeline 2019 Cohort (pdf)

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Academic Honesty:

Students and parents should be aware that teachers and academic institutions have high standards for academic honesty. Both have strict rules on plagiarism and malpractice which can result in suspension, immediate failure or dismissal. Beyond the penalties associated with cheating and copying there is the real loss of learning. Students who copy work or cheat on tests miss a valuable opportunity to test their knowledge and show what they are capable of doing. Above all they miss the chance to really think deeply, to find a way through complex problems, and to present their own original ideas and skills in a creative and coherent manner. There is a certain satisfaction that students get from having succeeded without assistance, or by having created something significant on their own. The critical thinking and communication skills developed through persistence and study will prove extremely valuable in a university classroom, and the pride of personal success is priceless.

The IB views academic honesty seriously, and so do we. Please take the time to read these IB documents (pdfs) on academic honesty and discuss these issues with your family and friends:

Academic Honesty
Academic Honesty Poster
Academic Honesty for Students and Parents