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"I remember you and recall you without effort, without exercise of will; that is, by natural impulse, indicated by a sense of duty, or of obligation. And that, I take it, is the only sort of remembering worth the having. When we think of friends, and call their faces out of the shadows, and their voices out of the echoes that faint along the corridors of memory, and do it without knowing why save that we love to do it, we content ourselves that friendship is a Reality, and not a Fancy -- that it is built upon a rock, and not upon the sands that dissolve away with the ebbing tides and carry their monuments with them."

- Douglas Fairbanks

Photo Galleries

Cheakamus Camp 2017


Our annual leadership camp for incoming Venture and IB students moved to the wonderful facilities at the Cheakamus Centre in Brackendale, BC.  Students participated in field studies where they explored the life cycle of salmon, determined the health of an ecosystem, created sound scan maps of the forest. They challenged themselves at archery, canoeing and on the ropes course, and were hosted by the Squamish First Nation in a traditional longhouse where they learned songs and made bannock over an open fire. Guided by the IB Learner Profile attributes, our students showed themselves to be thinkers and communicators, sought knowledge, inquired about their surroundings and treated them in a principled manner, were open-minded and undertook positive risks, were caring of themselves and others, and spent three days seeking balance with nature.  We hope their reflections of the trip, guide them throughout their academic journey.

Enjoy the photos! (pdf)


Loon Lake 2016

Our annual IB/Venture trip to Loon Lake was a soggy one this year, but it couldn’t dampen our spirits! In fact, it only made us work harder to find the fun.  Not only did we nature walk and create outdoor art, but some of us were even brave enough to jump in the lake.  We got learn about ourselves, and our classmates – who plays a mean ukulele, who has the messy room, who snores, and who has the biggest mouth (based on the number of marshmallows they can stuff in there!) – and to reflect on what it means to be in the Venture and IB programs.  With the Learner Profile as our guide, we were thinkers and communicators, risk-takers and inquirers, kept open minds, shared knowledge, were principled and caring of one another.  We can’t wait to do it again next year!

Enjoy the photo gallery!

Ms. Boulet's Class Painted a Mural Behind the Gymnasium. Check it Out!


Photos of Britannia's ACE IT AST Student Jack Tregidgo Who is Representing Team BC in the Skills National Competition on June 6th to 9th in Moncton New Brunswick

opening ceremony
Getting Ready for the Opening Ceremony
opening ceremony
The Opening Ceremony
check out the tires
Jack and Mr. Or Beside a $700,000 Volvo Truck. Check Out the Size of the Tires!

Congratulations to Benjamin and Lucy!

get ready to vote

The winners of the National Democracy Challenge 2015 include two students from Britannia Secondary. Students from across the country submitted videos, images and pieces of writing on the theme "Show Canadians how to get ready to vote." Their submissions were evaluated by a panel of judges, who were impressed by the quality and diversity of the entries, all great examples of democracy in action.

Benjamin Chung won first place in the image category for his comic strip.  Click the link to View Benjamin’s comic strip in full: http://democracy-democratie.ca/nyc/nyc2015/priz/image1.html

Lucy Guan won third place in the text category for her essay.  Below is an excerpt from her paper.

Ready to Vote?
"We struggle to express ourselves daily. We're afraid of judgment and afraid of being wrong. Voting is a means of expressing ourselves and what we would like, in private and without judgment.
Many people have fought for us and the rights we have. Before the 1900s, only affluent men could vote in Canada, while women and specific ethnic or religious groups were denied this right. In the 1870s, women began to petition and campaign for suffrage, but they were not granted this right federally until 1918…"
read more

Streetfront/Britannia Running Club Get Ready to Run the Sun Run!

Sun Run

Principal Schofield Awards the SKILLS BC Gold Medal in Auto Service to Britannia's ACE IT AST Student Jack Tregidgo

Ace It

Jack will be representing Team BC in the Skills National Competition on June 6th to 9th in Moncton New Brunswick. Congratulations and good luck Jack!

Britannia Student Will Attend the Bolshoi Summer Dance Program

The Bolshoi Ballet Academy is one of the oldest ballet institutions in the world. It has trained many of the most famous dancers alive today, and it continues to be one of the most recognized names in the ballet world. Every year the Bolshoi hosts a 6-week summer dance program in New York City, in alliance with the Russian American Foundation.

This year Britannia Grade 12 student Emily Read will have the opportunity to attend it, and with it, a chance to move to Moscow to train at the Bolshoi Ballet Academy next year. Congratulations Emily for an amazing accomplishment!  We wish you the best.

Emily Read

Principal Geoff Taylor Awards the Governor General's Bronze Medal to Alex Nguyen

Alex Nguyen

Congratulations Alex! Alex has sent us an email with an update on what is happening in his life since he graduated from Britannia in June 2015.

I'm studying at Minerva Schools, located in San Francisco, USA. It is an innovative liberal arts program so I am taking cornerstone courses and have not yet declared my major. I am thinking of majoring in physics and computer science. In the next years, I hope to travel the world and see the wonders it has to offer.

Hobiyee and Lunar New Year celebrations at Brit!


Honour for Britannia's Mike Evans: Never a Critic, Always a Coach

Mike Evans

Read all about Britannia's Coach Evans and the special ceremony in his honor in this Vancouver Courier article. Thank you for everything you do Mr. Evans!

Congratulations Brianna!


Hockey Academy Students Visit With Kirk McLean

hockey visit

A group of academy students had the chance to attend the Vancouver Canucks game on Jan. 4th in a suite. Canucks Alumni, Kirk McLean, came to speak to players and sign autographs.


Remembrance Day 2015

Remembrance Day


Remembrance Day

Britannia continued its tradition of excellence and honour in Remembrance.  This year over forty students participated in the Remembrance Day Project. The students collectively put in well over 200 hours of service time to create a digital show with musical accompaniment that honoured Canadians who have made the ultimate sacrifice as well as all living Veterans.  This year's service especially focussed on Veterans suffering from PTSD.  In the closing segment of the service, all Britannia students were challenged to remember the past and to find ways to create peace as they move forward in their daily lives. All of the staff and students who work on this project, do so with a sense of gratitude, respect, and honour.

IB and Venture Loon Lake 2015

Loon Lake

Each year the Venture and IB program students attend an overnight camp to build a strong group dynamic and have some fun in nature. Usually the Venture 8s attend with the IB 11s but this year was special. Two camps were held; one for Venture 8 & 9 students, and another for IB 11 & 12 students. This made up for losing out on camp during the year of job action. The camp included some interesting and challenging physical activities, as well as some creative and cooperative fun that brought all grades together. All participants learned something about themselves, something about their school-mates, and something about the power of the group. Enjoy these photos!

Street Front 2015 Seattle Marathon Runners - Well Done!

Streetfront Marathon

Ms Boulet's art class recreated the work of Vincent Van Gogh in plasticine!


The Streetfront Alternative Program ran the Seattle Marathon for the 16th consecutive year this past Sunday. It was a record year for Streetfront with 17 kids running the full marathon and 8 running the half. This is the largest collection of high school marathoners in the world. The staff at Streetfront are very proud of the heart, commitment and perseverance of these amazing athletes. Job well done!!!!