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Britannia Summer Office Hours and Onsite Activities


There are a number of activities on the Britannia Community site over the summer. There is no VSB Summer School, but there are UNYA day camps and a variety of other Community Based activities in our school. Please call the school office at 604.713.8266 if you have questions, or call the Britannia Community Centre, 604.718.5800 for other onsite programing. For Community Centre website info click here.

The Britannia IB World Community Secondary School office is open 9 AM - 3:00 PM, Monday to Friday, throughout the summer; closed for lunch, 12:30-1 PM. Office switchboard is open 9:00 AM to 3:00 PM, most weekdays: 604.713.8266.

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Britannia CrestOur school’s Code of Conduct outlines the reasons why we have expectations of student behavior at Britannia, what these expectations are, and what the consequences may be for behaviors that violate the code.  Click here to read the Britannia Code of Conduct (pdf).

August 13th UPDATE.

Britannia - News for Opening Day - Please watch the news, listen to radio reports and monitor both the Vancouver School Board website and the Britannia Secondary website for updated information about the ongoing Labour Dispute. We are planning for a normal Britannia Secondary School Opening in September, with school resuming on Sept. 2nd, but we do not yet know the outcome of negotiations between the government and the BCTF. Therefore, we cannot predict what will happen in September. Assuming the labour issues have been settled, the following information applies to our expectations for school opening.

We send mail out packages for our Britannia students, and the information about Opening Day and procedures is included in these packages. We expect families will receive a package in late August, if we have your correct address. Grade 8s come at 12:30 on Tuesday, Sept. 2nd, 2014. We'll have our Brit LINK Crew students here to welcome the Grade 8s.

The grades 9 through 12 students attend as follows on Sept. 2nd: Grade 9s at 9 AM; Grade 10s at 10 AM; Grade 11s at 11 AM and Grade 12s at 12 Noon.

We will have important information assemblies for all students on the first day; forms will be handed out and school rules and procedures will be reviewed. There is no need to bring any money on Sept. 2nd. Fees and forms will come into the Homerooms sessions on the Wednesday, Sept 3rd and Thursday, Sept. 4th mornings, when students will attend school beginning with Homeroom at 9:40 AM for these two days only. NOTE - On the Friday, regular class times will resume with all students at school by 8:35 AM to attend 8:40 classes.

CONGRATULATIONS TO KATHY DAN - This Year's Winner of the BLT (Bruin Leadership Team) Annual "Year-End Prize:" an Olympus TG-630 iHS "waterproof" digital camera, with 1080p full HD video capability! Well done Kathy. Thank you, and thank you to all the other BLT students for the inspiring leadership and citizenship at Britannia throughout the year. Emissaries of Bravery, Responsibility, Integrity and Tenacity - that's our Bruin Leadership Team. Have a great summer!

Report Cards, Grad Transitions, Timetables and Summer School

*Report cards,* textbooks, uniforms and school equipment can be picked up and/or returned at the Main Office. Completed Grad Transitions files for Grade 12s are also available for pick up; these will be shredded in late September if they are not claimed. *Please* note that while Grades 10, 11, and 12 reports have final marks for most courses, the majority of the Grades 8 and 9 reports will not have third term or final marks on them. Any unclaimed report cards will be sent home with our August "Welcome Back" Newsletter. We would like all students to return textbooks and uniforms to the school as soon as possible: each book or item should be clearly marked with the student’s name, grade, teacher or coach, and the date – please. The school will bill families for the cost of all unreturned items, in September.

All VSB Summer School classes have been cancelled for this summer. Check www.vsb.bc.ca website for additional information, please. Click here or here for most recent notices.

At this time we have no new instructions about Grades 8 and 9 student timetabling, but we currently anticipate that Grades 8 and 9 students will advance to the next grade level in each subject, with exceptions to be made on an individual, case-by-case basis according to student’s demonstrated ability to succeed at the next level.

Student timetables will be available in September. If there is more news about this, we'll include it in our August newsletter. We expect that the first day of school, September 2nd, will have all students attending as follows: Grade 9s at 9AM; Grade 10s at 10 AM; Grade 11s at 11 AM; Grade 12s at 12 Noon; and Grade 8s at 12:30. We'll update this information in August, but we are inviting all Grade 8 Parents to join the students on the first day. There'll be an opportunity to meet with the Principal, Mr. Geoff Taylor, and our new Vice Principal, Ms Karen Coflin, at 1:30 PM in the Staffroom on September 2nd. We also have a Grade 8 Parent Night planned for October 16th at 6:30 PM in our cafeteria.

Scholarship Awards, and Bursary information: "Thank-you letters" can be sent in by mail, attention Mr. J. den Otter, Britannia Secondary School, 1001 Cotton Drive, Vancouver, V5L3T4, or by email to jdenotter@vsb.bc.ca. You will be notified by mail if we have your correct address, or by email if we have that, when your scholarship or bursary money is available. Be sure you have provided us with proof of registration if that is a requirement of your award.

Thank you to all the teachers, parents, staff and community members who have given their time and experience to our Britannia students this past year. You're making a big difference in their lives.

To Dr. Andrew Schofield we say our good-bye, and wish him all the best as Vice Principal at his new school, Sir Winston Churchill. Dr. Schofield has been a huge and awesome asset to Britannia for the past five years; he will be missed. I want to express my personal thanks for his exemplary service to the school, and for his friendship. We have had fun.

Ms Karen Coflin from Prince of Wales Secondary will join us as Vice Principal at Britannia, in September. Please welcome her to our community. Ms Coflin has an excellent reputation as both a teacher and an administrator, and I very much look forward to working with her.

We will try to keep students and families informed, here on this website, if there is any news regarding the current labour dispute, but I ask that you please watch the local news and check the Vancouver School Board site as well for updates. Thank you.

Mr.Geoff Taylor, Principal

Congratulations to the Graduation Class of 2014

grad 2014

We are all proud of you and wish you the very best in all of your future endeavors.

Mount Kilimanjaro Field Trip!!

Street to Peak

Britannia Secondary and the Streetfront Alternative program are planning an epic event that is show-casing public education: We intend to hike 18 of our most resilient students to the top of Kilimanjaro Mountain! Of course our goal is bigger than reaching Uhuru Peak on Kilimanjaro- it is ultimately about changing the way inner-city youth see themselves and see our community; it is about dreaming big and believing in a broader community of care, whatever our life circumstances. And it’s also all about the amazing opportunities that are available in our Public Education system and the incredible people that make it happen.  Check our website Street2Peak.com and perhaps make a donation.

Britannia Japan Exchange Trip

We have postponed our plans for the Britannia student trip to Japan. All money will be refunded. Contact our office for details. We will start again with planning once school is back in session, as our Japanese hosts at Minato-Sohgoh High School are very excited about our visit. We look forward to going to Japan!

Career Centre Bulletin


Are you thinking about your future. Continue to read the Career Centre Bulletins and all of the other extremely helpful information that is regularly posted to the Career Centre section of the Britannia website.

Britannia Standardized School Fees for 2013 - 2014

Click here to open a pdf that contains the details of standardized school fees. Some of these fees are program specific and others apply to all students attending Britannia Secondary School

New Scholarship Information on the School Website

$A new scholarship listing (pdf) is available on the Britannia Website. It is a listing of Canadian scholarship opportunities, including their descriptions and criteria. These scholarships are sponsored by external organizations. If you are serious about finding funds for your education go through the listings, select the scholarships you meet the requirements for and start preparing the applications today!

Exciting Volunteer Opportunities In Your Britannia Community

Give back to your community. Meet new people, learn new skills and have valuable thvolunteersings to include on your resume. Please get in touch with Mawi Bagon, Coordinator, Volunteer Program Britannia Community Services Centre 1661 Napier St. Vancouver BC V5L 4X4 to learn how you can get involved in giving back.

Email: mawi.bagon@vancouver.ca