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June Activities


Wednesday, June 20 – Last Day of Classes; Locker Clean Up and Clear Out 10:30AM

Friday, June 22 – Numeracy Assessment A-D in Room 319, 8:45AM; Numeracy Assessment E-H in Room 319, 12:45PM

Monday, June 25 – Numeracy Assessment J-M in Room 319, 8:45AM; English 12 Provincial Exam, 9:00AM; Numeracy Assessment N-S in Room 319, 12:45PM

Tuesday, June 26 – Numeracy Assessment T-Z in Room 319, 8:45AM; Numeracy Assessment Last Call in Room 319, 12:45PM

Tuesday, June 26 – Grad Banquet/Prom, 6:00PM, Heritage Hall

Wednesday, June 27 – Communications 12 Provincial Exam, 9:00AM

Thursday, June 28 – Report Card Distribution, 10:00AM, Homeroom Classrooms

Friday, June 29 – Administrative Day

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Principal's Message # 1 (pdf)

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Britannia CrestOur school’s Code of Conduct outlines the reasons why we have expectations of student behavior at Britannia, what these expectations are, and what the consequences may be for behaviors that violate the code.  Click here to read the Britannia Code of Conduct (pdf).

Brit CrestThe BRIT Way (pdf) is a description of the values that all Britannia students are actively encouraged to demonstrate while at the school and in the rest of their lives. 

Brit CrestBritannia Secondary School's Academic Integrity Policy is explained in this pdf document. The document also contains links to useful resources related to academic integrity.




2017 - 2018 Vancouver School District and Britannia Secondary School Calendars


The VSB school calendar for 2017 - 2018 (pdf)

The Britannia Secondry School calendar for 2017 - 2018 (pdf)

2018 - 2019 Vancouver School District and Britannia Secondary School Calendars


The VSB school calendar for 2018 - 2019 (pdf)

The Britannia Secondry School calendar for 2018 - 2019 (pdf)

Grade 11 Students to Write the Graduation Numeracy Assessment in June

As part of the new Graduation Requirements, two new provincial graduation assessments are being introduced to ensure alignment with the redesigned curriculum. The assessments provide information about student performance in literacy and numeracy and communicate feedback to students regarding their proficiency in numeracy and literacy.

A significant change with the assessments is that the new assessments are not “tied” to a course nor are scores blended with classroom courses. All courses are fully assessed in the classroom. The Numeracy and Literacy Assessments will be scored out of 4 on the proficiency scale and will be indicated on their transcript of grades.

Students in Grade 11 this year are following the new Graduation Requirements and as such, will be writing the Numeracy Assessment in June 2018 and the Provincial Exam for Language Arts 12 in June 2019.

For more information, follow this link to the Ministry of Education website and please open the following pdf for further details.

This year in June, grade 11’s will be writing the Numeracy Assessment in the computer lab, rm. 319, following the schedule below:

             Last name        A – D    June 22            8:45am – 11:00am

                                    E – H    June 22            12:45pm – 3:00pm

                                    J – M    June 25            8:45am – 11:00am

                                    N – S    June 25            12:45pm – 3:00pm

                                    T – Z     June 26            8:45am – 11:00am

All students are asked to arrive on time with writing utensils and a calculator.

Grade 12 Information and Resources


Important Dates

School Leaving Ceremony, Tuesday, June 12th, 5:30pm – Italian Cultural Centre. Ticket information to be announced at a later date.

Grad Banquet – Tuesday, June 26, 6:00pm, Heritage Hall, Vancouver

Principal's Letter to Parents and Guardians about Graduation Ceremony and Banquet 2018 (pdf)

Grad 2018 Bulletin with Inportant Ceremony and Banquet Information (pdf)

Britannia Academic Scholarship Applications (pdf) - due April 20, 2018

Grad Transitions

Completing the Grad Transitions booklet is a requirement for graduation in British Columbia. In other words, if it is not completed, you will not graduate! All Grade 12 students should have received a hard copy of this booklet in October. Pages 6 - 16 are due on or before Friday, December 8th, 2017. Please hand in your completed and stapled pages in the basket labelled Grad Transitions in the main office. The second part of the Grad Transitions booklet is due on Friday, March 2nd, 2018. You are required to complete pages 1 - 4 (the yellow pages in your hard copy) and staple them and turn them in to the main office on or before this date.

The Grad Transitions booklet is also available for downloading on this website as a pdf document.

Post-Secondary Institutions (PSI) Selections Form Now Open (Part of Grad Transitions)

The online PSI Selections Form is now available for students graduating in the 2015/16 school year. This online form should only be submitted by Grade 12 students who expect to graduate this school year and are applying to any Post-Secondary Institution for September 2016 admission.
Students access the online form by logging into the Student Secure Web (SSW), www.bced.gov.bc.ca/exams/tsw/tsw/student/, and clicking the menu option "Post Secondary Institutions Selections".
An instructional document is available at: www.bced.gov.bc.ca/exams/trx_updates/pdf/psi_selections_instructions.pdf
Make sure to complete this as soon as you can.  This is part of your Grad Transitions package.

Scholarship Information on the School Website


Important information for Grade 12's about scholarships, bursaries, grants, post-secondary institutions and much more is available from your counsellors. Be proactive about ways to finance your post secondary education. Remember, Google is your friend! Britannia's PAC has done some very helpful research about scholarships and the results are available here.

A Letter to VSB Parents and Guardians

VSB logo

Please download this joint letter from Janet Fraser, Board Chairperson, and Suzanne Hoffman, VSB Superintendent to parents.

2017 - 2018 Vancouver School District and Britannia Secondary School Calendars


The VSB school calendar for 2017 - 2018 (pdf)

The Britannia Secondry School calendar for 2017 - 2018 (pdf)

Attention Parents: How to Notify the School About Your Child's Absences

Britannia Secondary School has a new way for parents to inform the school about their child's absences from classes. It can now be done by email instead of by a paper note that is sent to school with the student. Either of these methods is acceptable but we encourage you to use our new email service. Simply email britabsences@vsb.bc.ca with:

New Web App Available!!!


Have you ever wanted to be more organized and kept up to date with what is happening at school? If you have, then this is your lucky day. Please download the new school app, BritBlocks, from The App Store or Google Play onto your smart phone or tablet! Once downloaded, make sure to turn on notifications and select the channels in the setting of the app in order to receive the appropriate notifications to your device. A handy guide with instructions is available here.

Grade 8 Handbook

Britannia CrestGrade 8 students and their parents are invited to download this very useful guide that will assist students transition to their first year of secondary school at Britannia and ensure that it is a positive and successful experience.

Britannia Standardized School Fees for 2017 - 2018

Click here to open a pdf that contains the details of standardized school fees. Some of these fees are program specific and others apply to all students attending Britannia Secondary School

Acknowledgement of the VSB Acceptable Use of Technology Policy

Attention parents and guardians: All students are required to read and sign the VSB Acceptable Use of Technolgy Policy. They will be doing this in their homeroom classes. Please read this letter from Principal Andrew Schofield which contains details and links about the policy and the official regulations associated with it.

For Parents: Emergency Contact Information

This information is very important so that you can be reached if an emergency happens at school.  It must be kept up to date.


A Letter from the Vancouver Police Department to All Parents and Care Givers About Fentanyl

The VPD has advice about how to keep your children safe. Click here to download the letter (pdf).

Vancouver School Board Student Registration Information

Complete the attached Student Application Form and bring it to your neighbourhood school, along with the required original documents as listed below. Go to www.vsb.bc.ca/schools to search for your neighbourhood school by postal code or by map. Who should register at neighbourhood schools? Kindergarten to Grade 12 students born in Canada, who speak English at home as the home language. These are the documents that you need to fill in and bring to Britannia Secondary School.

Meet the Runner: Eero!


This is the story of Streetfront's first runner to get into the Boston Marathon. Download the engaging story here! (pdf)

Cheakamus Camp 2017

camp fire

Our annual leadership camp for incoming Venture and IB students moved to the wonderful facilities at the Cheakamus Centre in Brackendale, BC.  Students participated in field studies where they explored the life cycle of salmon, determined the health of an ecosystem, created sound scan maps of the forest. They challenged themselves at archery, canoeing and on the ropes course, and were hosted by the Squamish First Nation in a traditional longhouse where they learned songs and made bannock over an open fire. Guided by the IB Learner Profile attributes, our students showed themselves to be thinkers and communicators, sought knowledge, inquired about their surroundings and treated them in a principled manner, were open-minded and undertook positive risks, were caring of themselves and others, and spent three days seeking balance with nature.  We hope their reflections of the trip, guide them throughout their academic journey.

Enjoy the photos! (pdf)

Patagonia Chile 2017

Patagonia Chile

Britannia and Streetfront students completed the W-Circuit of the famous Torres del Paine hiking trek during the spring break- here is the team’s official photo in front of the North, Central, and South towers … with the Bruins wearing our Britannia Support Society sponsored team jackets. Patagonia was the second of the Street2Peak (Streetfront Alternative/Britannia Secondary) trips- you might remember the first trip that took our students to Kilimanjaro and the Serengeti in 2015. Photos of both remarkable events- no other secondary school in Canada has both climbed Kilimanjaro and trekked the W-circuit- can be found on the Street2Peak Facebook and web pages.

For photos of our day in Sandiago please see https://www.facebook.com/gord.howey/posts/810978852403494. Additional photos of the trip will be uploaded to our Street2Peak Patagonia facebook page.

BC Ed Curriculum News

Please open this pdf from the BC Ministry of Education to read about the most recent changes to the new curriculum.

Teenagers and Sleep


They often do not get enough of it! This is a very worthwhile article for parents of teenagers.

Exciting Volunteer Opportunities In Your Britannia Community

Give back to your community. Meet new people, learn new skills and have valuable thvolunteersings to include on your resume. Please get in touch with Yao Zhang, Coordinator, Volunteer Program Britannia Community Services Centre 1661 Napier St. Vancouver BC V5L 4X4 to learn how you can get involved in giving back.

Email: yao.zhang@vancouver.ca